Dr. Martin Luther King Junior is a household name in homes all around the world.  But there are SO MANY reasons why we must still study and honor him.  I have so much admiration for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and I believe that studying his words, life works, and leadership can make anybody a

The What, How, and Other Questions

Now, I am sure you are thinking “How is Financial Fasting connected to education and adventure?”  But honestly, you can make anything about Education and Adventure.  For Big Sister and Brother, this is a great lesson on not taking everything for granted and getting creative.  It also is a wonderful lesson on preparing what  you

Free adventures

Adventures do not have to be expensive.  In fact, some of the BEST adventures and our most enjoyable ones have been completely free.  And there are SO MANY adventures to be had where you can spend ZERO, ZILCH, NO MONEY WHATSOEVER!  Not only are these free adventures just fantastically fun for the family BUT they

EDUCATION IS FUN!!   Or at least it can be!  I think it is very important to instill a love and passion for learning at a very early age. And to do that you make learning FUN as soon as possible!  But it doesn’t have to get boring as the kiddos get older either.  

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