A picture of us as a family at the outdoor concert with the words "our free military family weekend at Westgate."

Every year Westgate Resorts offers a free weekend stay for all Military Families! That’s right, FREE!! This is how you can take up this amazing opportunity and what Westgate offers for an amazing weekend!

36 Easter Eggs of varying colors, patterns, and textures

I decided to do a “Pin it and Try it” science experiment with Easter Eggs. I found a few pins and we all voted on some that we would like to try. Each year, we try out different dying techniques and this year-we picked six techniques to try and vote on which eggs we liked the best. This year we tried
Dying Eggs with Colored Rice
Glitter Bomb Eggs
Kwik Stik Eggs
Tissue Paper Eggs
Tie-Dye Eggs
Shaving Cream Eggs

Spring has Sprung! The weather is warming up and brighter colors are starting to bloom everywhere. If someone asks me what my favorite season is, I will tell them “EVERY SEASON!” There are so many adventures to be had with each change of the season and this list is 25 of our favorite things to

It’s almost February!  It is my birthday month! Whoop Whoop!  The month of Love-not just romance but love for everyone in your life that you appreciate.  So spend time with your family this month.  Here is a list of fun activities that you can do this month in the Knoxville Area. If I have missed

The What, How, and Other Questions

Now, I am sure you are thinking “How is Financial Fasting connected to education and adventure?”  But honestly, you can make anything about Education and Adventure.  For Big Sister and Brother, this is a great lesson on not taking everything for granted and getting creative.  It also is a wonderful lesson on preparing what  you